Sacred Heart Community Service

Sacred Heart Community Service

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Name: Eric Cartman

Age: 24

Eric builds and repairs homes in order to make sure they are safe from any type of weather. He is in need of some new tools to help him with a few upcoming projects.
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Name: Homer Simpson

Age: 23

Homer Simpson is the head of Sacred Heart’s Policy and Organization program. He trains volunteers on how to channel their influence and how to work collectively to address particular issues of poverty.
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Name: Bart Simpson

Age: 18

Bart wants to send his son, Jeff, to summer camp. This summer camp focuses on both short and long-term academic, social, and emotional development for students in grades 4 - 8.
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Name: Chris Griffin

Age: 26

Chris builds home-garden kits that families can use to grow their own healthy food and save over $400 a year.
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